Standard greenhouse bumble hive

Nowadays, buff-tailed bumblebee colonies are used at greenhouses and gardens globally by producers of greenhouse and garden products to help pollination and improve yield and quality of their products, and flora pollination yield improving, especially during cold season when pollen generation is limited, is considered as one of quite effective solutions to improve many greenhouse and garden products, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

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Biobest Company (Belgium) supplied its first buff-tailed bumblebee hive in 1987, and became one of the pioneering global producers of pest natural enemies. According to their professionals, pollination besides biologic control act simultaneously as the first step for integrated pest control.

  •  Being big sized and hairy, and vibrating flowers in addition to high-volume pollination
  • Exclusive pollination of flowers without nectar
  • Acting in 5-38 degrees Celsius temperature range, cloudy, windy and rainy weather
  • Increasing income for at least 50% of the relevant products
  • Making fruit bigger, homogenous, simultaneous-ripening, hard and lack of burns on products

Strawberry (1 hive per 1000 m2)
Big and normal size tomato (1 hive per 1500 m2)
Cherry or olive tomato (1 hive per 500 m2)
Pepper (1 hive per 3000 m2)
Eggplant (1 hive per 2000 m2)
Melon (1 hive per 1000 m2)

After intense efforts, Royal Sakar Tejarat Company has managed to become the exclusive agent of Biobest Company (Belgium), the creator and pioneering company in the field of pollinating insects and natural enemies of pests in 1922 towards the development of purposes and introduction of advanced technologies and products to Iranian farmers, and it is honored to offer buff-tailed bumblebees and biologic controlling agents of pests produced by Biobest Company to greenhouse owners, gardeners, and farmers.

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