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Bees are the main source for pollination and crop production and it may well expressed that most of today’s plants would not exist without bees. Upon agricultural advancements and greenhouses development, honeybees were not useful for crop production in relatively indoor areas such as greenhouses. Therefore, we looked for another specie with more extended scope of activity. Buff-tailed bumblebees have extensive global distribution and large body and act in a more extensive domain. They are able to fly under lower temperatures and cause excellent pollination, especially at heights and higher latitudes. In addition to paying more attention to correctly use of fertilizers and poisons, the farmers look for a non-chemical way to control their pests. Royal Sakar Company is honored to offer biological control agents for greenhouse pests in cooperation with Biobest Company (Belgium), to both enable greenhouse owners to produce healthy crops and avoid worries for rejection of their exported goods due to chemical contamination.

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