About Fertilizers

You need to consume fertilizer to enable your plant grows well, remains green, and its yield enhances, no matter where your plant is, i.e. whether in a vase or a big farm, in a pleasant climate or a dry and hot area. Plants receive a major part of their needed nutrients from soil through their roots. For instance, plants cannot directly absorb nitrogen from the air and soil is their sole source for this important nutrient. Sometimes, however, there are certain conditions making foliar feeding be more effective. Certain conditions including but not limited to unfavorable weather, special conditions of soil, direct feeding of certain parts such as fruit, expensiveness of root feeding and completing feeding program persuade us to choose foliar feeding through foliar spraying. Thanking to years of cooperation with OMEX Company (UK), Royal Sakar Company offers professional foliar fertilizers to farmers, greenhouse owners, and flower and ornamental plants producers.

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