Kingfol Zn-Cu-Mn

Kingfol foliar nutrients have been formulated using the high quality mineral elements, to give the benefits listed below:

  • Concentrated liquid formulations to minimise handling, packaging, transport and application rates
  • Widely tank-mixable with agrochemicals
  • Formulated with uptake enhancers to optimise performance over time
  • Disperses easily with no need for pre-mixing
  • Single element formulations to correct specific deficiencies



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Element Weight per Weight Weight per Volume
Zinc 6.5% 11.0%
Copper 4.7% 8.0%
Manganese 19.4% 33.0%
Rate L/ha
Greenhouse vegetables
supplying sufficient amount of trace elements
to have a healthy plant and increase yield
Throughout the world Zinc deficiency is the most widespread of all the micro-nutrients. It 
stimulates enzyme activity within the plant and can be associated with calcium in deficiencies
such as bitter pit. Applications of foliar zinc often stimulate rooting and are particularly 
useful in early crop growth.

Copper is a micro-nutrient involved in many enzyme systems. Some of these include pollen formation
 and fertility, with deficiency resulting in effects on plant growth and yield.

Magnesium is a major element, essential for optimum growth and development in plants. It is an 
integral part of chlorophyll, and also is involved in enzyme systems which govern oil production
 on yield in oil-seed rape and other oil bearing crops. It is used widely as a foliar spray on
 cereals at ear emergence, and on potatoes during bulking, to increase yield.

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