Bio-sequential-2 is an emulsified fertilizer containing main elements, magnesium and chelated micronutrients, enriched with seaweed.

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Mass percentage
ٰVolume percentage
Total nitrogen
6.6% 10%
Usable phosphorus
12.6% 20%
Water soluble potassium
25.40% 40%
Soluble magnesium
0.95% 1.5%
0.111% 0.175%
0.056% 0.088%
0.056% 0.088%
0.056% 0.088%
Soluble boron
0.022% 0.035%
Soluble molybdenum
0.0007% 0.0012%
18.2% 28%
Product Consumption Description
Ml in 100 liters of water Liters per hectare
Cereals 250 2.5
2 to 3 applications from the beginning of
the reproductive phase with intervals of 14 days
Roses and ornamental plants 200-300 2-3
Monthly application on perennials. 
Apply twice with an interval of 14 days on annuals in the final growing season.
Strawberries and other berries 300 3
Fruit growth period
Tomatoes and peppers  200-300 2-3
2 to 3 applications during the fruit growing season with an interval of 10 days
potato 300 3
One month after the start of the tuber
fruit trees
300 3
2 to 3 applications after fruit formation at intervals of 10 to 14 days
vegetables  200-300 2-3
other products 300 3
For products that are deficient in phosphorus,
 repeat at intervals of 10 to 14 days until the problem is resolved.

Potassium is highly needed for the final growth and development stage of the plant. It regulates stomata motions and manages metabolism systems for sugars transmission. Bio-sequential-2 both supplies enough potassium and keeps the balance for other nutrients during reproductive growth period. Bio-sequential-2 contains magnesium, an essential element for photosynthesis, and light and sandy soils face with limited magnesium content. Bio-sequential-2 seaweed content has improved this fertilizer abilities in absorbing nutrients, enhancing fruit quality and resisting against tension.

Package cap.: 1 lit.

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