Omex’s aminor is an amino acid-containing, growth stimulant, and yield improving liquid fertilizer.
Plants consume energy to produce amino acids. Amino acids are foundations of making proteins which are essential for the plants growth and development. There are a variety of advantages in using high quality amino acids for the plants.

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Element Weight percentage Volume percentage
Nitrogen 8 % 10 %
Free amino acid 10 % 12 %
  • Aminor is free from harmful microorganisms and its heavy metals content is less than the permitted limit.
  • Ready amino acids are easily consumed by the plants. Therefore, energy is saved and products yield and quality are assured.
  • It activates the plant natural defensive system, acts as a bio-stimulant and in turn improves resistance against the pests and diseases.
  • It improves flowering and fruiting
  • It helps the plant to overcome environmental tensions such as bad climate and pests’ invasion.
  • It intensifies microorganisms’ activity in root’s growth environment (soil/fertilizer composition).
  • As a weak chelating agent, it improves minerals absorption and prevents them from being stabilized.
  • It is fully decomposable in the nature.

Package Cap.: 1 lit.

Product Consumption Description
Application in soil Foliar spraying
All plants 5 liters per hectare 1-2 liters per hectare

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