Omex’s seastar-f is used through spraying solution or together with irrigation and makes plant more resistant against biotic and abiotic stresses. Using seastar-f increases plant tolerance against certain tensions such as high temperature, dryness, disease and improper soil conditions and improves root growth and yield for most agricultural and ornamental products. Fresh grown seedlings and other seedlings are readily more exposed to tensioning risks, e.g. high temperatures, soil conditions, available moisture and diseases than other phases. Therefore, they have the maximum seaweed consumption.

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Weight percentage
Usable phosphorus
Water soluble potassium
Seaweed extract
Ml in 100 liters of water
Liters per hectare
Fruit trees with seeds,
kernels, grapes and citrus
100-200 2-1
Repeat 4 times during the growing season at intervals of 15 days
100-200 2-1
At most in 28 days after germination
In less than 10 days thereafter
Sugar beet
100-200 1
In 4-8 leaf stage and repeat in 21 days later
100-200 1
During the initial growth period and repeat 14-21 days later
Leafy vegetables
100-200 1-0.5
One to two weeks after transplanting
Beans, peas
100-200 3-2
After germination
Tomatoes, cucumbers
100-200 1.5-1 14-10 Days after transplanting Repeat 3-4 times with three week intervals
Melon and watermelon
0100-20 1.5-1
10-14 days after transplanting
Ornamental plants
100-200 1-0.5
Up to 3 times a season
100-200 1
During the initial growth period and repeat 14-21 days later

Seastar-f may be used solely or in combination with the other fertilizers and pesticides. In case of a need for mixing seastar-f with the other substances, consult company experts or conduct a small-scale test.

Package cap.: 1 lit.

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