Volcano Gold

Volcano Gold acts as a plant growth regulator on account of its physiological and morphological effects in extremely low
concentrations. Translocation is done inside the plant.However, generally affects only the plant parts above the soil surface.



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Volcano Gold is a liquid formulation of gibberellic acid which is used to increase the yield of various products in the world. In Iran, Megafil tablets have been used for a long time to increase the yield and quality of grapes. The new Volcano Gold formulation is used either to increase fruit size in pome fruits, stone fruits, strawberries or increase growth rate vegetation in other plants. Volcano Gold has a longer storage period and absorption efficiency than other liquid formulations of gibberellic acid.

Package Cap.: 0.5 lit.

Application rate
100 ml/100 L of water
Growth regulator in order to stimulate
cluster growth and increase berry size

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