This fertilizer containing phosphorous, potassium and micronized sulfur provides the plant with energy supply, dryness tolerance, nutrition, disease control and growth, simultaneously. Its frequent consumption in certain products such as cucumber and different types of melon results in an improvement in quality and shape of fruit and general health of the plant.
Phosphorous, which is often considered as the energy source, shall permanently be available to the plant, to enable it to achieve maximum growth and health. Phosphorous contained in foliar-supreme compound has been designed for rapid and maximum foliar absorption.

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Mass percentage
volume percentage
Usable phosphorus
16% 24%
Soluble potassium
10% 15%
30% 45%
Ml in 100 liters of water
Liters per hectare
400 2
After the fall of the petals
Beans, peas
200-400 1-2
Use as planned in the spring or in case of shortage
Types of cabbage
400 2
In the 2-4 leaf stage
Carrots, parsley
400 2
Use as planned in the spring or in case of shortage
400 2
Start 10-7 days after planting
Onions, leeks
400 2
In stage 3-4 leaves or in case of deficiency
400 2
At the stage of green buds or if necessary
Preparation of compost
4 ml / m2
Shortly before planting
Seedlings, seedlings
0.44 ml / m2
Before or immediately after the transfer

Potassium plays an important role in regulating water balance in the plant as well as making several large organic molecules and lack of potassium may result in cell death and intensified plant sensitivity to the fungal diseases. On the other hand, potassium plays a major role in fruit growth and ripening.
Sulfur is more seen as an important nutrient, as it is one of the key components of amino acids. Sulfur contained in foliar-supreme is micronized (Dia.: 5 microns).
Foliar-supreme may have a positive effect on improving tolerance and even treating some diseases and pests.
Package cap.: 1 lit.

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