Superstem-3c contains 2-chloroethyl trimethyl ammonium chloride (CCC), which is a plant growth regulator (PGR). In fact, this substance affects gibberellic acid producers, and limits its production. Generally speaking, it slows down terminal meristem activity and transfers nutrients into other organs. This substance has certain benefits and effects on different plants.



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Superstem-3c improves performance in cotton through controlling vegetative growth and preventing longitudinal growth of cells and directing nutrients towards reproductive and boll development phase. Some of its physical and tangible effects on cotton include shortening and strengthening the stem, reducing internode distances, simultaneous bolls ripening, increasing number of bolls, and early ripening.
Using superstem-3c for cereals results in shortening the stem, early ripening and improved yield. Superstem-3c may be used for seedling production as a means to limit seedling height and increase the stem diameter and root volume.

Package Cap.: 1 lit.

Amount of water for
foliar application
Consumption time
0.5 liters per hectare
200 to 300 liters
90-110 days after planting

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