Adjuvants are certain substances either added to poisons and fertilizers formulations or used together with them to improve their efficiency and absorption. Adjuvants meet this target in a variety of methods; therefore, they have a variety of names. For instance, those adjuvants influencing the surface tension of liquids are known as surfactants. Emulsifiers, oils, and salts are some of the other types of adjuvants. Adjuvants improve sprayed solution properties, including but not limited to dispersion, penetration, and droplet size, and they may also be known with these names among the consumers.

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Agriman’s Supervet-gold is a silicon surfactant, designed and made to improve nutrients foliar absorption. This product increases water drops contact surface, and consequently absorption of the substances solved in it, through reducing water surface tension. Eventually, both chemicals and water consumption is significantly reduced.

Read the label carefully before use.

Package Cap.: 100Ml

Comes with fungicides,
 insecticides and other fertilizers
10 to 20 ml in 100 liters of water
Along with herbicides
25 ml in 100 liters of water

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